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Merlin’s Effect

In Arthurian legend, Merlin attempted to prepare a young boy to be the “once and future king”, a king who would bring peace to his people.  But the peace that came was temporary, followed by great conflict.  Did Merlin fail?  What was the long-term effect of his efforts?

Merlin’s Effect Phase I is a one-act play for 11 actors which was written in 2013 by Mountaine Jonas (with the help of many friends), and produced and directed by Mountaine for 3 performances in Tennessee.  Most of the classic characters were embodied in new and surprising ways – Merlin, Arthur, Archimedes the Owl, Vortigern, Uther, Igraine, Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgaine, Morgausse, Mordred, and Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Merlin’s Effect Phase II is NOW a series of Youtube videos – at – in which Merlin (as embodied by Mountaine) and his friends and colleagues respond to questions on video.  The answers may be wise, or wiseguy or wisecrack.  They will always honor the intent of the questioner.  Hopefully they will resonate deeply with the source of the question within the questioner.

Old Merlin with staff


Merlin lives within us all…


4 thoughts on “Merlin’s Effect

  1. Deb Scott says:

    I need to dream up a question worth of Merlin and his all knowing. I will sleep on this tonight. Love, D

    • BJ Harden Jones says:

      brilliant idea deb. my question for merlin is: what are the aspects of a culture or society that encourage and support its citizens to be most freely open-hearted, compassionate, as well as luxuriously following their inner passions? love, bj

      • Mountaine says:

        Merlin likes your question, BJ, and also your love! He is starting to get a backlog of questions, but yours will be addressed before long.

  2. Byron (Be) Whiting says:

    Can’t wait for the launch of Phase II.  Any way I can help – let me know.     Love,   Be


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